UPDATE: La Voz has MOVED to 472 Ellis Street!

Here at La Voz our goal is to create an impact in The Tenderloin through creating a familiar space among people within the community. By offering monthly and weekly programs, a variety of needs can be met and tools can be given to promote healthier, safer, and more responsible living.

Meal Programs

La Voz and CEOP are offering a new meal program in 2023:

Mercadito: beginning May 19, 2023 people who register can receive free groceries every Friday at 456 Ellis Street from 2:30-5pm. Program registrations will begin on May 9th and will be available on Tuesdays from 10am-11:30pm

San Francisco Rental Assistance Program (SF-ERAP)

La Voz has partnered with the San Francisco Rental Assistance (SF-ERAP) Program to assist low income families and individuals meet their housing needs, reduce poverty, and provide household stabilization. Staff will assist individuals with filling out their application, provide additional resources, and answer questions regarding rental assistance.

Crime Reporting

The Victim Services Division (VSD) is now working with La Voz to assist victims and survivors or violent crimes to provide support and community resources. A satellite hub is offered for our community at 456 Ellis Street open from Monday to Friday, 9AM-5PM and when a La Voz staff member is present. VSD will accept referrals from La Voz staff in accordance with their services.

Monthly Workshops

Through the course of the year our staff and active members collaborate to provide informative and helpful workshops that dive into important topics the community needs. From civil law classes, resume building, to bake sales our team hopes to give opportunities for others to learn and grow.

Women’s Community Groups

A group of leaders meet every Tuesday for a time of bonding and discussion of problems they see around them as residence of the Tenderloin. Through an exchange of ideas the women are challenged to think critically of how to solve problems arising as leaders to enact change they wish to see.

Advocacy Services

Our offices provide aid when combating problems with housing and community dangers. Our director, community organizer, and housing advocate have resources and connections to resources that will give you what you need.

Case Management

Long and short term advising is available on housing situations or legal advising for families and crime reporting.

Victim Services

Our offices will assist in serving victims of violent crimes regardless if the case is being charged. We assist in accessing community resources, providing information on victim rights, and navigating the criminal justice system.